Browning BAR Safari Barrel Bluing

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by widetrackman, Aug 8, 2017.

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    I purchased a BAR that's nice except for a 4"or so portion on top/sides of the barrel where the blue was worn off, apparently from hanging in a truck or four-wheeler rack. I would like to have the barrel removed and re-blued to match original finish as close as possible. I talked to Brownell and they advised it can easily be done just depends on the Smith/Bluer having the right receiver wrench and vise so as to not tweak the action and mar the new finish when re- installing. Also head spacing should not be a problem. Bottom line---Not a big deal and the cost should be 1/2 have of full re-blue or less if you have the tools. I prefer not to cold blue the spot or re-blue the whole gun as the rest is real nice. Anybody interested in doing this and giving me a price? Sorry for being long winded. Thanks
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    It might help if you added your location.:)
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    you can try here for some ideas on pricing. Should be someone in the state that could help.
    Glenrock Blue
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    Sorry, I am in the Oxford area.
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    Call billy tierce in Utica. If anybody has the tools to remove that barrel he will and he does bluing.
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    Billy does blueing. He does it in batches so you'll want to get in on it before he gets busy working on guns during deer and duck season.