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Browning Buckmark

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Could anybody give me a review on the Browning Buckmark? I passed what may have been a could price but am not familiar with the gun.
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My first Browning Buckmark was made around 1990. I never had a minutes trouble out of it and it was one of the most accurate pistols that I have ever shot or owned. Around 1996 the pistol was stolen and I replaced it with a nickle Buckmark that was a higher grade. The gun is beautiful and pretty accurate. But I have never had the confidence in it that I had in the first Buckmark. Some guns just fit us and are more accurate from the factory. My advice is to look at all the different models of Ruger and compare them to the Buckmark. Also if possible, shoot one of each of a friends guns. I plan on tuning my Nickle Buckmark up and hope that one day I can shoot it like the older Buckmark with the 5.5 bull barrel.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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