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Browning CVA Pistol Kit Barrel…

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Had a customer who picked up this old, unassembled CVA black powder Colonial Pistol kit out of a shed. It had been stored for decades, the box was torn and falling apart and had apparently been leaked on. He asked about “bluing” the Barrel. I asked if I could “brown” the Barrel instead. It’s a process I’ve been wanting to experiment with and this was a perfect example to try. IMO the “browning” process gives a more actual historical representation of the finish these firearms had. He agreed. The top was much more rusted than the bottom and I wanted to start with an even metal base so I media blasted it, and the ramrod, to start. The top of the Barrel was pitted, I didn’t do any filing or buffing to remove the pits, it was what it was. The “browning” process is very similar to the slow rust bluing process. But, the boiling process is skipped. After a good rust base is built up from each cycle, it goes straight to carding. I did four cycles of slow rusting (in the damp box) minimum one hour each, with Mark Lee’s Express Brown #2. Then oil soaked for 24 hours. The final color was a matt brown/black that I believe over time will turn into a more rust/patina color.
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