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I went by Ricky's shop the other day to get some lowers engraved since their tax stamps came back. While I was there he showed me some of his newest products, and I wanted to make the internet aware of them too.

Check out his billet lower. Look at the trigger guard on this bad boy!

If you haven't bought a higher end receiver lately, you probably didn't know this was thing. Companies have gone away from roll pins and have started using solid pins with threads on them to hold them. No more beating with a hammer anymore, bending pins, scratching the finish, or wallowing out holes. Here is the one that holds the bolt catch in, which is one of the most pain-in-the-butt pins on an AR.

Here is the second biggest pain in the butt according to me. When you are tightening the castle nut on and you have to get the end plate in position to hold the takedown pin detente pin and spring in. Well, Ricky solved your problems because he threaded that bad mamajama too. I guess this means you could even go without an endplate?

Here is the pin that holds the forward assist in his custom billet upper:

He can also fit an AK in the laser machine! Here is my M92 pistol with 10.5" barrel, so he can fit some larger things in there:

Ricky has also designed some very nice free float tubes that utilize the factory barrel nut. This is good news for people that don't want to disassemble their upper nor want a Samson.

If you haven't been by his shop in a while, I suggest you go see all the cool new things he has cooking up.

And don't forget, we have a carbine match on Saturday, May 20. So get to BMS and buy the parts you need to finish or upgrade that rifle and then you can come test them at the match.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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