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BUIS Recommendations?

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I want to beef-up one of the M-4 Bushmasters I have. It currently has an EOTech 512 sitting on it. I want to add the EOTech 3X mag and a set of BUIS (back-up iron sights). The EOtech 3X will be the side flip type. One of my problems is that the forward handguard has no top rail to mount a front BUIS on it. Any recommendations on how I can attached a front BUIS on this weapon and what manufacture recommendations do you have for the rear and front BUIS?

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Captain, I use some YHM for the front and not sure what for the back, was given them. Just be sure you don't get anything but steel for the gas block. I was going to get some mag-pull or something but then I found out they were polymer. I have some Knight Armament Rails my son sent but they have some inserts for a light barrel and I have an H-bar. He said I'm doing something wrong so I am waiting his leave to get me straight.

How are you going to put so much on the receiver without a rail?
Stryker, what is that twist on (or pull back) piece aft of your forward grip? Did you have to get higher BUIS to cowitness your eotech? Ask all this because I am fixing up one AR and want to get all I can out of it. I'm leaving my Bushy pretty much plane jane.
Captain, that HBar is top of the line. Wish I could cough up the cash for one. Been trying to get a competition match HBar off a friend for a while now but he knows what he's got. Military guys say Colt is going to stop selling to the general public and stick to military and LE but you know how scuttlebutt is.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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