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BUIS Recommendations?

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I want to beef-up one of the M-4 Bushmasters I have. It currently has an EOTech 512 sitting on it. I want to add the EOTech 3X mag and a set of BUIS (back-up iron sights). The EOtech 3X will be the side flip type. One of my problems is that the forward handguard has no top rail to mount a front BUIS on it. Any recommendations on how I can attached a front BUIS on this weapon and what manufacture recommendations do you have for the rear and front BUIS?

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Stryker -- thanks so much - Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for .... should I be concerned about getting different manufactures for the front and rear and should I purchase they same manufacture for both - does it make a difference?
ufcfan said:
I'll get you a pic of my setup. I have the 512 with front and rear flip up sights.
Yea - lets see it!!!!!!!
Know anything about the Troy sights?
sidroski said:
.....How are you going to put so much on the receiver without a rail?
New front handguards; lower profile -- move EOTech up and then mount behind it .... If my measurements are correct, it should work but will be a tight fit ... worried about relief between the 3X mag and the EOTech .. getting the flip to side 3X so I can work the buttons on the EOTech .... We will see!!

If it doesn't work on the bushy, I got a Colt HBAR that will get it!
Now that bottom one really looks good .... I am trying to find the EOTech 3X now ... once I have it in hand I can get a better idea of what it is exactly I will need. I really like that LaRue riser instead of some of the separate rail risers I have seen ... Thanks for sharing.
discount pawn class 3 said:
I have a set of yhm front and rear flip sights.......$190 for the set....Trades????
Actually I am looking at the GG&G MAD Drop Compensated rear sight and possibily the Sampson Tall H&K style front ... have not really decided. Will keep your offer in mind .
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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