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Read though this thread -- may find some helpful info ..


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Ammunitiontogo.com has once reloaded military brass ammo for 29 to 30 cents each. I don't know of any cheaper source for brass ammo.

Until ammo comes down (if ever), I get the Brown Bear steel cased @22 cents each. I buy by the thousand, and the BB is still cheaper than the reloaded brass by $50 in that quantity.

Bear ammo isn't like Wolf. BB is cleaner and very reliable. I went through 2000rds of the stuff with no problems. Both weapons' manufacturers say steel case is a no-no. I call :bull: Just look at the reviews on CheaperThanDirt for BB and Wolf and you will see that it's not just me getting good service from Bear ammo.

Unless the chamber is extremely dirty or you are firing full auto, I really don't see the NEED for brass.

BTW, does anyone know where to get 1000 brass .223 for $250 or less?

Also, I just found this site. VERY helpful reference. http://gun-deals.com/ammo.php
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