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I've been looking online at some bullets to order and some of the sites list them in caliber(9,40......) and others in diameter. For instance is 223 rem .223 or .224???

Any info regarding this would be great.


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Not sure I understand the question, but "caliber" is just a nominal thing. Bullet diameter is the real thing. (For example a .38 Special and a .357 Magnum have the same diameter.)

I don't reload. But this MidwayUSA site might help you.

Seems there is something screwy with the URL pasting here.

Just copy and paste it into your browser.


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This issue really comes into play when you start talking about rifle rounds ... for instance; the .30 caliber

You have .30 rifles with many different different bore diameters.

.30Cal 7.62x51 is the standard .308 diameter that we all know for use in our .308Win and 30-06Springfield rounds. However, you have .30Cal in 7.62x39 / 7.62x54R, and .303British (SKS, AK, Enfields) that have bore diameters anywhere from .308 - .312.

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