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Saw this in Walmart today, decided to give it a try. Looked fairly well constructed, but it IS NOT metal. At $27.97, it was a few dollars cheaper than my Maglula UpLULA Universal - and available today.

Instead of squeezing the loader, you push down on it (I was surprised that it worked better on the double stack 45 than it did on the double stack 9mm).

The ASAP seems to work better if you load the first round into the magazine before you start using it. You need to make sure you raise it up high enough after seating a cartridge for the arm to push the cartridge back all the way. Also, the last round isn't pushed all the way back. No biggee -- just gotta remember to do that yourself.

Overall, I think I like the UpLULA better, but time will tell. My concern is that the plastic bar that pushes down on the the cartridge to seat it in the magazine will bend or break - like the ADCO Super Thumb.

The pins holding the articulating arm aren't real big, either.

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I've had some issues with butler creek mags, they do not seem to be much ahead of promag these days.
I do still have some 10/22 mags but will not buy anymore
At least Ruger is making their excellent BX-25 mags for a 10/22... which also fit Ruger's American Rimfire bolt action rifles... ;)
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