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Buyers remorse

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What guns have you bought that you wish you had not?

Wife really wanted a little pistol she saw, a Jiminez Arms JA9, 9 mm. Worse than a saturday night special. I still got it, but am thinking about melting it down. It is beyond worthless.
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I have not bought any that I did not like. Some were better than others, but I will never sell a gun again. Every time I did I have regretted it.
The cheapest gun I bought was from a guy that had a single shot stevens 16 gaguge that the barrel was bent towards the end. I gave him 5 dollars for it. I cut the barrel off to 18 1/2 inches and cut the center of the stock out and drilled two holes on the inside that I could put two shells in. I used that gun for a snake gun on our land around the pond. It was my version of the snake charmer if you remember those guns. I still have it. I could actually break the gun down and it would fit in the glove box of the Old Chevy pickup I used to own several years ago. Yes, it is legal length.
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