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Buyers remorse

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What guns have you bought that you wish you had not?

Wife really wanted a little pistol she saw, a Jiminez Arms JA9, 9 mm. Worse than a saturday night special. I still got it, but am thinking about melting it down. It is beyond worthless.
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Ruger 22/45 when they first came out. traded for an old commercial model 1911 that was pitted, but shot good, the next week. then keep the 1911 for couple months and traded for a Ruger MK II never looked back from there.
cowboy, start a thread about your new buy and we can give you too much info. put it in long guns.
+1 on not taken
you need to use 2 fingers on that trigger huh. :tophat:
aight lets see. may need new thread for snake charmers.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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