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Buyers remorse

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What guns have you bought that you wish you had not?

Wife really wanted a little pistol she saw, a Jiminez Arms JA9, 9 mm. Worse than a saturday night special. I still got it, but am thinking about melting it down. It is beyond worthless.
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aight lets see. may need new thread for snake charmers.
massair said:
captain-03 said:
-- S&W 40 Sigma -- the worse pistol I have ever owned .....
Worse trigger pull I have very experienced -- takes TWO hands and 4 fingers to pull it!! Called S&W about it ... they said it was intentional ..... not going to send any more $$s on it ...
There are several I bought I wish I hadn't. 3 were the same type shotgun, Browning A5. The last one I had my brother in law brought it out of the woods where I threw it. I also bought a Nagant and a Carcano 7.3. Was glad to break even on those two!
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I have to say my worst was a Star M40 god that thing hurt just ask atomsk. think goodness I made money off that one. :evil:
only gun that i can actually say i hated after i bought it was a 500s&w. Dang pistol gave me a headache and made my nose run everytime I shot it... :(
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msredneck said:
Ya'll wanna see a "snake charmer"?
Does he/she play a flute?
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