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caliper vs micrometer

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I have a dial caliper that I use to measure OAL on my reloads.

Sometimes it seems that a micrometer would be handly when I want to measure bullet diameter or maybe the case mouth diameter when I 'm setting the case mouth expander die....yet the dial caliper will sorta do this as well...I guess its a matter of accuracy.

Which brings up another subject...what do you use to "calibrate" your calipers with guess a gauge block is in order here.


Guess there is no end to the "toys" a reloader must have!
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dad used to send all his to Komp industrial welding supply and they would check their accuracy. I use his tools when I am reloading but I really dont need the degree of accuracy they offer. His mic will go down to .00000 but personally a good caliper is all I need
msredneck is correct. but the cheap 20 dollar calipers you pick up at auto zone you just close the jaws and zero the dial and you can get in a good ball park..My tools are Starrett which are alot higher degree of precision. just think 1/1000 of a inch could be the difference in a perfect fit and to tight... This is gonna sound funky but we ruined the accuarcy of a 200 dollar caliper because a summer helper stored it upright instead of lying flat for four months during the summer which caused a very very very slight bow.. =( talk about sensitve
Your current calipers wont give you those measurements?
= ( calipers are good for measureing the length of any object it can get its jaws own. I honestly dont use my mic that often, only to verify what my caliper tells me... As far as why a reloader would want/need/desire a micrometer is beyond me. If my dad was not a engineer I would not have the one I use. The only way I would choose mic over calipers is if i was sorting out bullets for a 1000 yard match, top sniper contest, or shooting an apple off your friends head. I stand by my idea of a reloader does not need that level of acuraccy. If you were thinking about doing smith work then yea pic up a mic but as far as bullet work goes you dont need it. My 2 pennies

P.S a round object is a straight object if you think of it as a series of similar straight lines rotating on its mid-point every degree :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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