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caliper vs micrometer

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I have a dial caliper that I use to measure OAL on my reloads.

Sometimes it seems that a micrometer would be handly when I want to measure bullet diameter or maybe the case mouth diameter when I 'm setting the case mouth expander die....yet the dial caliper will sorta do this as well...I guess its a matter of accuracy.

Which brings up another subject...what do you use to "calibrate" your calipers with guess a gauge block is in order here.


Guess there is no end to the "toys" a reloader must have!
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To "calibrate" your calipers you just set the dial to zero with the caliper closed. The calipers opens and closes a geared track that advances the gear on the dial. If the caliper is out there is not much that you can do except to send back to the factory if it is an expensive caliper. A gauge would tell you if it is acurate.
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