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caliper vs micrometer

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I have a dial caliper that I use to measure OAL on my reloads.

Sometimes it seems that a micrometer would be handly when I want to measure bullet diameter or maybe the case mouth diameter when I 'm setting the case mouth expander die....yet the dial caliper will sorta do this as well...I guess its a matter of accuracy.

Which brings up another subject...what do you use to "calibrate" your calipers with guess a gauge block is in order here.


Guess there is no end to the "toys" a reloader must have!
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Setting your dial caliper to its zero doesn't prove anything...any more than zeroing your reloading scale....

You use check weights to verify your powder scale...mine happens to be .5 gr off in certain ranges....

You use a gauge block to verify your calipers are correct...sometimes they don't close all the way after many yrs of use etc etc.....I'd suggest a review the previous link I posted. :D

Best to you
"calibration" was not really what I wanted to get the topic off on...

but the point is...with anything you measure with...especially stuff were you are measuring 1/1000 of an inch...Buy the best tools you can afford......and

Periodically we have to measure it against some Standard...for scales that's check weights....for calibers its a "standarized gauge block"...It all depends on how precise u desire to be.

Now back on the subject...I don't have a good micrometer and I'm wondering how it came help my reloads...or if its really necessary...

for ex. sometimes I'd like to verify if the bullets I purchase (especially lead cast) are the dia the mfg claims they are.

Best wishes to all...
OK...I gotta admit I'm ignorant here....so let me ask it like this.

For what specific application is a micrometer good for in reloading as compared to a caliper (mine happens to be a dial type)

To me it seems calipers are good for measuring length of "straight objects"

Micrometers are for measuring "around objects" diameter, circumference et al

Somebody help me out here....it can't be that hard....why does a reloader want/need/desire a micrometer....some dies even have them built in....educate me please! If you have both...tell me what you would use the mic on that you wouldn't use a caliper on....

Then I'll leave you alone...I promise! :evil:
Thanks....Looks like No mic needed for me. I don't shoot apples or 1000 yard matches

Can use that $100 on more bullets! :mg:
Thanks bigsig...I probably ought to "invest" in a new dial or maybe a digital caliper...Mine is 20 yrs old
As a general rule I don't trim rifle brass...it gets pitched

U are gonna have to drop a C-note + some change...for the "top of the line" and maybe the good stuff

My next will be a Starret...midwayisa has them for about $150

bigsig knows his tools..It's his living

The question really is...Is it really needed?...and for most the answer is No
Out of calibration...Mine are...not badly...but bad enough.
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