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Camp McCain FUN Shoot - UPDATE - Come Join Us!!!

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For those who are not familiar with our planned shoot at Camp McCain, please visit the following threads:




Update: Talked with Captain Austin today and reserved the rifle range for our shoot. We will only be permitted to use 5.56 (.223) ammo on this range. The range has 16 firing positions and we will have the range all day.

Due to the change in calibers being permitted, I need for everyone who said they were going to attend to confirm their attendance. Participation will be limited to no more than 50.

Several boards members have committed to bringing an extra AR or two (or three) for those who may not own one. You should plan on furnishing your ammo .... I do plan to have around 1000 rounds available for purchase at my cost.

Again, if you are coming, please confirm your participation by replying to this topic or you can email me at [email protected].

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I still plan to attend. I was really hoping to shoot the M-1 Garand there, but I've got an AR.
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