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Camp McCain FUN Shoot - UPDATE - Come Join Us!!!

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For those who are not familiar with our planned shoot at Camp McCain, please visit the following threads:




Update: Talked with Captain Austin today and reserved the rifle range for our shoot. We will only be permitted to use 5.56 (.223) ammo on this range. The range has 16 firing positions and we will have the range all day.

Due to the change in calibers being permitted, I need for everyone who said they were going to attend to confirm their attendance. Participation will be limited to no more than 50.

Several boards members have committed to bringing an extra AR or two (or three) for those who may not own one. You should plan on furnishing your ammo .... I do plan to have around 1000 rounds available for purchase at my cost.

Again, if you are coming, please confirm your participation by replying to this topic or you can email me at [email protected].

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nonnieselman said:
Haha, i hate having to look for the date...
When is this again?
September 18th
OK guys/gals -- Option #1 it is - firing of 5.56 (.223) only. I have communicated this to the range officer at Camp McCain and everything seems to be a go (for now)!! Several of us are going to make a site visit to McCain this Thursday. We should be able to provide additional information along with a few pictures .....

Still need to know WHO is going to attend!! This info is critical so we can plan accordingly ... If you have not already confirmed your attendance, please do so by posting to this thread ... If you have not yet signed up to attend, it is not too late .. just let me know by posting to this thread ...
crazyace85 said:
Do you have room for others to make the visit Thursday.
Since you are from Grenada - you are welcome to meet us there ... just PM me if interested.
crazyace85 said:
Just pm'ed u. I'm in for 5.56(223). Any particular type needed. I haven't started reloading yet and that steel cased food sure is cheaper. An d by the way I live in Grenada so anybody needing directions or wanna meet up to ride out to camp McCain just pm me.
Steel cased should be good to go ...
Richard said:
Hi from Richard. Just got my internet back. I want to go to camp McCain.
You IN!!
sigma74216 said:
I wanna go! Is there still spots available for Austin and myself?
Yes -- just let me know for sure!!
mdp75 said:
OK I am interested but My AR is set up as a varmit gun scope nor iron sites whats the rules on this match?
WELCOME!! NO RULES other than Safety Rules and 5.56mm or .223Cal. only!! Optics permitted!!

You coming? Add you to the confirmed list?
mdp75 said:
mark my wife and I there! and if someone needs a gun to shoot when i am not shooting they are welcome to my r-15 vtr
Outstanding -- you are on the list!! Watch the board for further announcements ..
sigma74216 said:
Ok Cap we are in. May have to borrow an AR or two just have to see what happens between now and then.
ScottW said:
Betty Wilsona nd I are in Captain.
Thanks - got it!!
There are still a few spots available!! Only 13 days away!! If you know someone who may be interested let them know they can signup here ..
nonnieselman said:
Parker Gibson and I are goin to be there..
What time yall getting there Captn?
PM sent .. I have to go up the day before and coordinate with Range Control. It is my plan to occupy the range no later than 8AM.
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