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Can you tell me what he did wong in this video?

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Ahh, where to begin?? First, from his language, I'd say he dropped out of school way to early.:) Also apparent from his trailer and his willingness to discharge a weapon inside just for kicks. I'm asking myself why he tested at point blank range with target ammo. Additionally, I'm more impressed than he thinks I should be that the round made it through over 2 inches of a fairly tough target. I think it performed pretty darned well, considering. I wouldn't want to take the hit and I'd bet his ***** a$$ wouldn't, either. I could have shown him a more impressive test proving his point at most any shooting range. From my experiences, 9mms have a difficult time flipping heavy steel targets, whereas 45s seem to slap them around pretty well. Does that make me feel inadquet with my 9s? No, not at all. I know that if I do my job, they'll do theirs.:) Guess he can call me a ****, huh? Sure hope he doesn't do it to my face, because we might just see how lethal a 9mm really is.

Still like to know what you spotted, though.:) While I wasn't impressed with his conclusions, I couldn't spot anything in particular that he did wrong. Please enlighten us.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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