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cant decide on which 6.5 ruger american to buy- should i get cerakote option

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I have finally decided on getting the ruger american for a hunting and long range plinking (600yd) gun in 6.5 creedmoor and i cant decide on which model to buy. Both take AI style mags and are threaded. Really just want yalls opinion if the factory compensator and cerakote is worth the extra $100
1. the first comes with a compensator and cerakoted for 525(after shipping and transfer fee)
Ruger Ruger American Rifle Go Wild Camo 6.5 Creedmoor 22-inch 3Rds | Locked Loaded Limited

2. the other is threaded (I would buy a break to go on) for $425 (after shipping and transfer fee)
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My son in law has a Predator with Boyds stock. Recoil is pretty mild. Do you want a brake for looks or function?

It has been my experience that the recoil reduction does not really outweigh the increased noise that a brake adds.
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