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carbon fiber

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Lets talk about carbon fiber.. do you use the cloth and resin to make your own. do you buy the scales. what do you use it as. pictures would be nice
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= ( the image is blocked
yea you can buy it like a fiberglass cloth and you have to add resin to it. I dont think its as strong as the scales because they are heated and preasurized when they add the resin to them. But as far as a handle goes I think it would work nicely
gears in my head are turning.. wonder if you can can layer 3- 1/8 thick sheets together and be strong enough to be used as a knife blade and be able to hold an edge??
it would be a stabing weapon maybe like a five inch dagger? Also metal detectors would not be able to pick it up, this has some interesting potential.
hmm you would think body guards would want a undetectable back up weapon? I think i may order a yard of that carbon fiber and toy around with the idea. If i can find an electric oven I might be able to cure it better and make it stronger??? :scratch:
this is the idea i got and yal better not jack my idea and patent it or i will find you! lol ok I got some titanium laying around here I am going to make one solid carbon fiber and one is going to have about a 1/2 by 1/8th titanium bar in the center wraped in carbon fiber with about 3/4-1inch of the tip in exposed titanium... in my mind this will be a winner!! :evil:
Ok so I made a rough draft of the Ti/carbon hybrid.. The handle needs a little something but the white part at the end of the blade will be the exposed titanium with the bar running to half way through the handle. I have a feeling this knife will be almost impossible to detect with wand and walk through metal detectors.. will have to test that out with my PD friends
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yea my dad has a few patents he laughs every time he sees that ad on tv. Seems like a screwing waiting to happen to me.
yea i know how yal feel my dad came up with the idea of hooded sprayers for farmers but because he was working for the USDA they would not let him patent it and two weeks later a guy saw it and patented it = ( john deere paid him a butt ton of money for the rights to it. But on the up side a few years ago he went to jail for like 20 years for tax evasion and fraud.
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