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carbon fiber

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Lets talk about carbon fiber.. do you use the cloth and resin to make your own. do you buy the scales. what do you use it as. pictures would be nice
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I need one of them there capers. Bring blades to the M&G if you make it.
I dunno about the oven, but you should make some. Dont focus on the edge as much as the tip and about 1/2 inch from the tip.
Dont worry I wont patent it, and if its been done before to a pretty common extent it probably isnt patentable. I have paid my instructors patent bills before. That 200 dollar get your patent started on tv bull crap is just that bull crap. His patent came up and he had to pay the attorney so he wouldnt loose it. I paid $3000.
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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