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carbon fiber

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Lets talk about carbon fiber.. do you use the cloth and resin to make your own. do you buy the scales. what do you use it as. pictures would be nice
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I buy the scales. I used it on my first folder and on the caper I carry now. On my caper I laminated it to Orange G-10. I have a 6" by 6" piece of it now. I like the way it looks if it is not buffed or sanded. It does not take much to "smear" the pattern.
Beladran said:
Lets talk about carbon fiber.. do you use the cloth and resin to make your own. do you buy the scales. what do you use it as. pictures would be nice
Made my first "micarta" or phenolic (generic term) a couple of weeks ago. Used old blue jean denim and fiberglass resin. Micarta is a trademarked name. Looking forward to using it on a knife. I don't know what cloth you would use to make carbon fiber. Have you heard of someone making it, that stuff is expensive to buy.
I will bring what I have made. Some will be my personal blades. Others for sale. Working on a couple that I think will go over well. We'll see!! :thumbup:
Beladran said:
yea you can buy it like a fiberglass cloth and you have to add resin to it. I dont think its as strong as the scales because they are heated and preasurized when they add the resin to them. But as far as a handle goes I think it would work nicely
Thanks for the link. I am just getting started in this homemade laminate stuff, thanks to E.Martin. But it is interesting to me. Going to buy some of the cheap fiberglass resin today to play some more. The carbon fiber cloth is interesting because I like the way the stuff looks but a 6" X 6" X 1/8" piece will run you about $30-50 (haven't checked prices in awhile) and I feel like you could make a lot of those size pieces out of 1 yard of cloth. Gotta do some more research and testing. Anyway thanks again for the info. :bigtu:
Yes it can be done. Kinda like your talking about. It would be a last ditch, deep hideout weapon. But I hate to be the one to say it has already been done. A company called Combat Elite made an all carbon fiber dagger. Don't think the company is around anymore. Not saying it can't be done again though.
It is one of the strongest materials pound for pound. It is interesting concept. I think neck knife size would be good. So light you would forget it, impervious to sweat, salt water, temperature, everything. Run with it and keep me updated.
Don't know anything about getting patents. The few original ideas I have had I did not pursue and regretted it later. The one that sticks out the most is a led conversion for a mini-mag. Still mad about that one. And I bought one of the )$#( things. Came up with the concept in college and forgot about it. Actually still have the 3 leds that I soldered together in one of my tool kits. Could have retired by now or at least work when I want to. Sorry the OFF TOPIC but the patent thing struck a nerve.

That's sweet payback. :128: Poor guy gets rich off of someone else's idea. The now rich guy is too dumb to pay taxes on money that he made off of stealing someone else's idea. Rich guy go to jail and money do him no good. Love it.
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