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carbon fiber

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Lets talk about carbon fiber.. do you use the cloth and resin to make your own. do you buy the scales. what do you use it as. pictures would be nice
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yea my dad has a few patents he laughs every time he sees that ad on tv. Seems like a screwing waiting to happen to me.
Don't know anything about getting patents. The few original ideas I have had I did not pursue and regretted it later. The one that sticks out the most is a led conversion for a mini-mag. Still mad about that one. And I bought one of the )$#( things. Came up with the concept in college and forgot about it. Actually still have the 3 leds that I soldered together in one of my tool kits. Could have retired by now or at least work when I want to. Sorry the OFF TOPIC but the patent thing struck a nerve.
yea i know how yal feel my dad came up with the idea of hooded sprayers for farmers but because he was working for the USDA they would not let him patent it and two weeks later a guy saw it and patented it = ( john deere paid him a butt ton of money for the rights to it. But on the up side a few years ago he went to jail for like 20 years for tax evasion and fraud.

That's sweet payback. :128: Poor guy gets rich off of someone else's idea. The now rich guy is too dumb to pay taxes on money that he made off of stealing someone else's idea. Rich guy go to jail and money do him no good. Love it.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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