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Carry round????

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Not a what's best thread jus curious as to what ya'll are carrying for your carry round? Manufactuer, Weight and caliber?

While I dont carry concealed yet, I do keep my 45 happy with Win Ranger Talons RA45T and RA45TP, I also like to keep a few mags full of Federal HST P45HST2 all 230 grain and all I believe to be very reliable and will do its job if required... I am not one for the +p's but got a good deal on them.....
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you know I love some talons and rangers but i remember chatting with Tim Thompson one time and I asked him what his cary round was and he said 230gr FMJ. I asked why not a hp round. he said the 1911 will 99% of the time always feed it and sometimes shooting through walls and objects is something he wants to do.
Methos said:
.45 - 230gr. Black Talon (or are these WMD's now?)
yea they got black listed at the geneva convention
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