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Carry round????

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Not a what's best thread jus curious as to what ya'll are carrying for your carry round? Manufactuer, Weight and caliber?

While I dont carry concealed yet, I do keep my 45 happy with Win Ranger Talons RA45T and RA45TP, I also like to keep a few mags full of Federal HST P45HST2 all 230 grain and all I believe to be very reliable and will do its job if required... I am not one for the +p's but got a good deal on them.....
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and HELL yes I am trying to get my post count up!
I just happen to have a post count generator program for just $ 100 shipped. :p Main carry is a 1911, always 230 gr., sometimes with some Black Talons I still have from years ago, sometimes FMJ, especially in winter when ya might havta deal with heavy clothing.

My PPK stays loaded with FMJ, a .380 at close range ain't gonna mushroom much anyways...and I'm looking for good penetration.
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