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Carry round????

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Not a what's best thread jus curious as to what ya'll are carrying for your carry round? Manufactuer, Weight and caliber?

While I dont carry concealed yet, I do keep my 45 happy with Win Ranger Talons RA45T and RA45TP, I also like to keep a few mags full of Federal HST P45HST2 all 230 grain and all I believe to be very reliable and will do its job if required... I am not one for the +p's but got a good deal on them.....
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Good choices just trying to see where the money is being spent.. I believe any will do, and some are better than others whatever cycles best in your weapon....and HELL yes I am trying to get my post count up!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol3:
Yeah I heard that..........I have heard alot of folks carrying FMJ as of late....I have just concluded it was due to lack of better option with the craze and all....but hey it might be something to it....My XD will eat all I feed it so I am comfortable with and stock and use Hornady TAP, Rem Golden Sabre Bonded, and have found a few hundred rounds of Federal Tactical bonded along the way.....Ranger's are easy to come by in the RA45TP if you like +P's I for one dont.
That's a interesting combination.
GunOneDown said:
I like a couple of Hydra-shoks then FMJ to fill up mag. Theory is if it takes more than 2, then it really doesn't matter what comes next. Plus, You can use a box of High$$$ ammo in a lot more mags.
Point well made!! Anything after the first shot or two is hailmarry anyway....Suppression fire really....I will have to follow your lead on that...I dont think the BG is going to think any less of ya if he gets got with cheap ammo over the beautifully advertised Law Enforcement rounds...WHich I think is purely a marketing skeemmm....People always want what they are told they cant.....
Very much in agreement with ya msredneck.....lol but what really interests me is normal folks and realistic weapons and ammo usage. I am on quite a few other forums and they are slap full of mall ninja's and the assorted types..lol if ya know what I mean.. I dont do BullS&^t so that's why I ask. I have spent prob way to much money on ammo and yeah I bought into the hype before but I feel much more centered now and just wanted to see what ya'll are carrying.. I have a couple buddies that are LE and they pretty much carry rangers, some goldots....
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