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Carry round????

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Not a what's best thread jus curious as to what ya'll are carrying for your carry round? Manufactuer, Weight and caliber?

While I dont carry concealed yet, I do keep my 45 happy with Win Ranger Talons RA45T and RA45TP, I also like to keep a few mags full of Federal HST P45HST2 all 230 grain and all I believe to be very reliable and will do its job if required... I am not one for the +p's but got a good deal on them.....
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have a 230gr FMJ in the pipe of my 1911 and on top of my reload mag ( I only carry one ) with 230 gr Hornady TAP +P JHPs making up the majority of my carry ammo and an incindiary round at the bottom of my reload mag

That way if I have to shoot through a car window or something I can (FMJ) then have decent energy dump (JHP) and if I have fired 14 rounds and am still in over my head...the incendiary round makes a 6' diameter ball of fire that burns at 3000 degrees.

..ok I was kidding about the incendiary round...but now that I think about it... :thinking:
i typically have a couple of hollow point rounds on top and the rest w/ 230 gr rn. I try not to overthink it. I have found that golden sabre and black talons cycle very well in most all my guns. The 230gr rn will function well in ALL my guns. I shoot alot of the rn b/c its cheaper and allows me to shoot more. Plenty of practice and trigger time will improve your shooting much more than the newest super expanding ultra penetrating vodoo hollow points. My biggest problem w/ expensive hollowpoints is, that while they may expand great they are cost prohibitive for practicing with and gaining confidence in the round. I dont really consider a round reliable until i can put about 300 to 400 rounds of that particular load combination through the gun with no problems. That can get expensive quickly with some rounds.
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