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Case Trimmers - which do you like / dislike?

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Going through all my stuff..... and am somehow missing a few things to complete my bench. One being a case trimmer? I see two different RCBS ones, lyman, forster, hornady. Would love to get a Dillon electric to sit atop the 550 but.... can't swing that much right now.

Any personal dealings and/or recommendations with these would be appreciated.
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Like nondieselman I use the Dillon power trimmer for high volume 223 & 308. Everything else goes through my old Lyman crank trimmer. I cut the crank off & attached a stud for using a portable drill. That saved the fingers a lot. I've still got a sack full of the Lee hand trimmers and still use them occasionally when I need to do just a few.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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