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Yep - got around to trying it yesterday! Loaded up 16 different loads using Lyman mould #225450 (52gr gaschecked) and 4 different powders.

Ran into the same problems I had with using cast in the M1A (.308) - enough pressure to fully operate the action of the AR. After three different trips back and forth from the reloading bench to the range, I found something that works. However, disappoint was the rule for the day.

Most all the starting loads for the powders used gave me velocities of around 1700fps and up to 2100fps at the max load. Still not enough to operate the action. Accurracy was pretty good -- several loads gave me 1 jagged hole. I was shooting at a 25meter M16 Zero target from a rest.

Moved to a much slower burning powder - H4895. Got the AR to funciton using the recommended "starting load" - 22grs. Fired three rounds. However, it pushed the boolit at 2543fps, 2531fps, and 2545fps. Bumped it up another grain (23grs) and got 2588fps, 2602fps, and 2603fps. I had two other loads available (24grs and 25grs of H4895) but did not shoot them. Wanted to take the rifle back home and give it a good looking over for any possible leading or gas system fouling before I attempted to push boolits into the 2700-2800fps range. The boolits were cast from wheel weights and water dropped. They are hard but not as hard has I could get them if I had used linotype and some heat-treatment. I was shocked that I was getting that type velocity from them.

Now the bad news -- accuracy was terrible! When I got past 2400fps, the groups opened up BAD - remember, I am at 25 meters! Groups went from touching to 4-6" spreads ... Unacceptable.

I have a couple more different .225 boolit moulds (55gr and 62g) that I am going to give a try ...
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