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Casting Party Jan 15th 9am

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GOnna have a little get together at the house jan 15th. Anyone have some WW that need melting or some bullets casted come on over.

if you want to see something done like casting X bullet or maybe a pan lube n demo post it here. if you are bringing anything gas, ww's, lead, lino, pots, molds, etc etc post that here also

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Let me know -- I can always find a excuse to get down you're way!!

BTW: We need to have another at Magnolia in the spring ??
Beladran said:
you got a big smelting pot cap? mine is like a 2 gallon cast iron pot. be nice if we could get one that would hold a 5 gallon bucket of ww's = )
Nope -- not that big; I usually melt down between 50 & 60 lbs per batch ...
Starting coming down with the flu or some other crud yesterday .. hope to be over it in a couple days!! Should be better prepared to answer you question in a day or two!!!!!!!!
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