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casting session at necks joint

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koodos to neck and captain for letting me play with some lead today. Neck was a great host and we poured up a ton of lead today! i had a blast

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no hurry on the bullets my press is locked up in storage back home along with ever other thing i need = (... me and the rock chucker are going to be spending alot of quality time together untill "someone" digs their dillion out of the closet and gets it set up....
SubGunFan said:
Looks like someone will be in 38cal bullets for a while...........
was able to cast enough to last maybe two matchs
you got a whole pile of wtf casted yesterday lol
plus i couldnt guaranty the composition of those ingots so if its gonna lead coat a barrel or eat the riflings out of a pistol i would rather it be mine. Also, I am bringing you an cap lots of WW's to the next smelting party to show my gratitude
captain if i want to push one of those 1000 fps would i need to gas check um?
what lube would you recommend for a 1000 fps lead bullet
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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