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casting session at necks joint

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koodos to neck and captain for letting me play with some lead today. Neck was a great host and we poured up a ton of lead today! i had a blast

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Man - you sure made it home quick!!!!! As always, I enjoy a "melting" party!!
SubGunFan said:
What are you Dummies doing smelting and casting bullets in the RAIN....? :) .
Rain? The weather guys kept saying there was a 30% chance for thunderstorms .. well, we got ALL the 30% at 'neck's place!! Had to move into the garage ...

Nothing like a good smelting party with a couple good friends!!
Yea -- I saw him load them all up into his truck ... :lol:
Beladran said:
.... Also, I am bringing you an cap lots of WW's to the next smelting party to show my gratitude
Now - that will work!!!!!
Beladran said:
captain if i want to push one of those 1000 fps would i need to gas check um?
I do no think so -- they are WWs water dropped ... should hold up fine -- depending on the lube? That would be my only concern ...
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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