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Cats biting

Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by Stryker6, May 7, 2016.

  1. Stryker6

    Stryker6 Distinguished Poster

    image.jpeg son and I went this morning put about 35 in the cooler it was a good time.
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  2. mascott

    mascott Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Great times!!! and good size for eating!

  3. Blondie70

    Blondie70 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Some young guys came over here today to fish in the pond....caught a few small bass. Also caught 5 jackfish which they threw out of the pond....I got a dog that eats 'em.....seafood ha ha. Guess the fish are biting.
  4. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Perfect eating size. Way to go.
  5. sand_man

    sand_man Grouchy Old Fart MSGO Supporter

    Looks like y'all had a great day!
  6. canebreaker

    canebreaker Distinguished Poster

    Wish they were crappie.
    Great catch.
  7. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    My sons and grandson ate lunch at the Lunchbox. I had catfish. Then we rode down to Pineypoint. I thought we would see a lot of people fishing. We didn't even see a boat on the lake. This is the north side of Sardis Lake for y'all that don't know.
  8. canebreaker

    canebreaker Distinguished Poster

    You were to far up the lake this time of year. If you had gone to Holiday Lodge and looked hard to the right you might have seen some.
  9. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I was born right up the road from Holiday Lodge before you get to 310.