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Had to give my arm and half a leg to get this one, but it's a 1965 Colt
Commander LW in .38 Super. Has not been fired. Not a scratch on it and it's 45 years old -- Now, need a box.

Now, I sit and ponder...to shoot or not to shoot...this is the question.

MOTTO: "Ken never owns a gun he won't shoot" So...



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I will shoot it!! Even drive up there to do it!!!!! :lol:

BTW: Very, Very nice piece of Colt history!!

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It would be an insult to your lost arm and half leg if you didnt shoot the firearm that you parted with them in order to obtain.

besides if you arent going to shoot the guns you buy, get pictures they are alot cheaper.

If you arent going to shoot it give it to a good home ( I have room in my safe )
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