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Choosing an AK

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What should I look for when choosing an AK?
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Well I know nothing bout them. Wanting some fun to shoot and I heard they made a decent close range hunting rifle. So I guess not really looking for anything real expensive just dependable
Are the Romanian AK's decent rifle's. That's all I have around here so far?
All I have come across are the Romanian and some US made. The US made don't have a manufacture name on them just have what state they were made in.
I guess my deal is I just want to find a decent AK. But don't know what to look for. I found a couple used ones for $450 but don't know if that's a good price or not.
I looked and read all the info I have been given. I was talking bout the AK's I have found locally. All the info has been helpful.
Any thoughts on the I.O. AK-47 ?
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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