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Choosing an AK

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What should I look for when choosing an AK?
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Last time I bought a Romanian AK, (2005), I went to the range with some friends. Best 100 yd group was about 20". No malfunctions, but...I shoot HP rifle, among other disciplines, and I just can't have something like that in the safe. I sold it the following Monday to someone who just wanted a bullet hose.
On the other hand, my Arsenal AK74 will shoot >90% at the NRA reduced 200 yd target from prone with WOLF ammunition. I'd like to have another one in 7,62x39, but it has to hold a group...They are fun, very reliable, and as Captain notes, you pretty much get what you pay for. My 2 cents-
Hey Scott,
I see you are in Jayess; go to McComb and talk to Kevin at Southern Cash& Pawn, some of the "American made" ones seem to be pretty well-made and may actually be accurate enough to hunt with.
OK but (as HP shooter) I have to ask: what kind of groups do these hold at 100 yds - from prone, offhand, or sitting/kneeling (not from a bench) ?
2-3" at 100 is good for the AK type receiver / rifle. And try the offhand- heavier is better for offhand.
This is a bit of a tangent considering the subject of this thread, but: shoot your rifle in any service rifle match; down here at SW Gun Club we shoot US Army Precision Combat matches 2x a year and the AK would be ok for that but for service rifle matches you want an M1 or AR type - it will develop your skills immensely. If one only shoots at targets from a bench on the range under no time or rule constraints, one never betters one's self; if you compete - no matter where you are at the end of the match - you are improving your marksmanship. Ask anyone who competes in ANY of the disciplines - pistol (bullseye, air, combat, etc), shotgun, or rifle - if you go to a match to challenge yourSELF, to he%& with the rankings, just to score higher each time, you will improve. It is very rewarding and will improve you as a "rifleman".
Agree with you Stonewall; with ammo you pretty much get what you pay for. As for sights, if you put a decent diopter on ANY rifle you will improve your scores.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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