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class 3 shoot

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When and where? Who wants to name a place "peferred central/south ms area if possible" ? I can probally bring a few suppressed rifles/sbr's/handguns/sbs's.

brought over from this thread ----> http://www.msgunowners.com/t310p80-black-rifle-pics
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Dang nice weapons. I'd like to come check it out just to watch and gain some knowledge on cans. Wanting one badly and figure there'll be some wet and dry ones there to listen to.
Like to meet Titleiiredneck's buddy, I like someone that can go to war with an ak and duct tape, all that other BS is just fluff.
I guess you are a builder. Can you get a 10/22 SBR with a built in Can for one stamp? Thinking a Stainless MK3 though. I'll have made up my mind after watching ya'll shoot.
DockRocker, thanks for that link. I'll check it out.
I'm down in Florence so just a couple exits down from you. Thanks for the offer. I'll give you shout and plenty of dates for you to pick through.
1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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