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class 3 shoot

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When and where? Who wants to name a place "peferred central/south ms area if possible" ? I can probally bring a few suppressed rifles/sbr's/handguns/sbs's.

brought over from this thread ----> http://www.msgunowners.com/t310p80-black-rifle-pics
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I am in as well. We have a few old WWII mules that would be fun. Some other Class III stuff and a few different brand cans. With enough notice I can go most anywhere.

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Is the SBR 10/22 a select fire? I want to build one of those SO bad.
Lets talk location. I am not sure how Magnolia would feel about this. Depending on the size we may can do it at our range. If there are more than about 15 people it will get really crowded. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone looking for a can should also go here.

Sidroski you can get an integrally suppressed 10/22 with one stamp. They are great and very quiet. There are quite a few people who make them. One of the best I have seen is here. http://www.fullysuppressed.com/

By the end of the year I will have an integrally suppressed MKIII. Sid I am not sure where you are located but you are welcome to come and try out any of my gear. As is anyone. I am always looking for an excuse to go to the range.
discount pawn class 3 said:
I'm in......
I was already counting you Joseph!
I cant believe more people dont want in on this
Xd357 said:
I'd love to do this. What would I need to bring?
A big pile of ammo and some cash!
SubGunFan said:
I will talk to the Magnolia BODs and see if they have any problems with so many machineguns on the Center Range at one time.

We can shoot submachineguns on the West-25 Range anytime. No fun shooting machineguns at 25yds...........

If approved at Magnolia, you guys need to come up with cool targets...

Can you give me some more perimeters on a cool target? Are we talking pretty target stands or cars?
crazyace85 said:
No full autos to bring but I can bring my own ammo.......
Not everyone has the fun stuff. Haha
We are not afraid to let anyone shoot anything. All you have to do is be safe, bring your ammo for the guns that will shoot regular ammo, and help us pay for the belted ammo and the ammo for the BAR. If you can do that we will have a blast!
nonnieselman said:
I vote that we need a Full Auto 22,, i dont know many people that would have a problem feeding it.

I am working on a post sample 10/22 SBR as we speak!
Xd357 said:
We need to know what calibers to bring.
The calibers that anyone can shoot are 223. Bring all the 223 you want and you can spray until you are out of ammo. Some 9mm for the Uzi would be fun as well. You will have to pay for the beltfed ammo (it has to be belted before the shoot) and the 30.06 for the BAR. The BAR is a bit picky and regular 30.06 want feed well. We will charge what we have in the ammo so it want hurt to bad...unless you shoot the 500 round belt!
It fires from an open bolt full auto only no select fire. Found a guy on gunbroker that is making post samples. I am going to do a short barrel for it. Should be a blast! I want something cheap to shoot.
Brutus said:
I'm definitely interested. Always looking for an opportunity to waste some ammo for fun.

I shot some of Dan's (subgunfan) stuff at the first Meet and Greet and shot some of Mike's stuff at the second one last year. My avatar pic is me posing with one of Mike's full-auto suppressed MP-5's. I put a few mag-fulls through it and had a blast. I'm definitely hooked.

Don't have any fun stuff myself to bring, but have plenty of my own ammo and money to contribute for the belted stuff.

What kind of cash kick-in are we looking at for the belted ammo

The kick in will be what the ammo cost us. We are not looking to make any money just cover costs. My brother just likes to hear it shoot!

When Dan gets back to us on magnolias feelings we can set up a date then.
nonnieselman said:
M1GarandFan said:
I got .223 that I can bring to shoot. Will the BAR take Greek surplus .30-06 ammo?
Yep, if your talking about what the CMP sells. It likes it..
Sorry I thought I answered this. Nonnie is right it it is the CMP Greek that works like a champ.
titleiiredneck said:
2 possibly 3 big time nfa'ers i know are interested depending on the day. what range are we talking since they may bring a 21e and pkm.
Right now we are waiting to see if Magnolia here in Jackson will let us in. It is a great range that goes out to 300 yards. If not Magnolia we will have to keep looking.
SubGunFan said:
If held at Magnolia, then it would have to be after the annual meeting. Possibly a date starting in late March.

I am good with the date, how did they feel about the class III stuff and can we get enough RSO's to make is safe?
I am still game whenever you guys want to do it. We will be bringing all of our gear to the April 30 Meet and Greet as well.
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