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class 3 shoot

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When and where? Who wants to name a place "peferred central/south ms area if possible" ? I can probally bring a few suppressed rifles/sbr's/handguns/sbs's.

brought over from this thread ----> http://www.msgunowners.com/t310p80-black-rifle-pics
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here is a taste of what i have pictures of online

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Mabye I can get some of my ******* nfa owner/mfg's to come also!

yes thats a select fire 17 under a mp5 :/

I will even bring the bacon! "Cleo decided he wanted to finger my new toy"

real pkm and another 1919

If possible I will even bring a brother with a few AK's
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Dock Rocker said:
Is the SBR 10/22 a select fire? I want to build one of those SO bad.
Unfortunateley no, but almost as fun. I plan to sell the stock if interested once I get my package from ace in.

FYI: dont worry I really wont bring a brother with ak's
here are some more from a shoot we had. Lost the video I made but i will contact my friend and see if he can email it to me.

all are f/a about half are transferrable/pre may samples and this is just a taste of what was there :)

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I have a few wet cans, 22lr and a 9mm, dry 22 and a dry 308you can try that I will bring, you can shoot them dry or wet however. Should have a whisper/blackout completed then and will probally bring a sbr 1022,sbr krink and possibly a sbr ar or sbs or 2. Just really depends on what i feel like reloading for/feel like shooting that day;)
We could do this in pascagoula but I am sure it's a drive for most of you, however they may charge. So is magnolia out? Where else would this be possible up there? Have one other and possibly 2 that want to come depending on the day.
mgeoffriau said:
I'd be interested if it was not terribly far....a .22 can is on my list of 2011 purchases so I'd love to try a few out.
I have a yhm mite and a stainless tac innovations f/a 22 can you can try if interested. They are non sealed also so you can compare to a sealed if someone has one.
Ofcourse i am in, so i take it this makes 5 so far?
Dock Rocker said:
crazyace85 said:
No full autos to bring but I can bring my own ammo.......
Not everyone has the fun stuff. Haha
We are not afraid to let anyone shoot anything. All you have to do is be safe, bring your ammo for the guns that will shoot regular ammo, and help us pay for the belted ammo and the ammo for the BAR. If you can do that we will have a blast!
I have a case of tannerite or so if we can blow stuff up :2tup:
Dock Rocker said:
nonnieselman said:
I vote that we need a Full Auto 22,, i dont know many people that would have a problem feeding it.

I am working on a post sample 10/22 SBR as we speak!

sbr or does it have a trigger pack?v I will be bringin my 1022 sbr as well.
Dock Rocker said:
It fires from an open bolt full auto only no select fire. Found a guy on gunbroker that is making post samples. I am going to do a short barrel for it. Should be a blast! I want something cheap to shoot.
cool, wonder why he didnt make it select fire? Also if you have a 16 lower i reccommend a spikes upper with a fa trip/weight. Runs great and black dog has a 50 round drum for the 1022 and 16/22 now also.
2 possibly 3 big time nfa'ers i know are interested depending on the day. what range are we talking since they may bring a 21e and pkm.
Missippi84 said:
so, a couple questions from a new guy here, can anyone attend? YES

has a date been set yet? Not yet as we are waiting to see about magnolia

will a field behind someone's house out in the middle of tallahatchie county be good enough for a shooting range, or does it need to be at a certified range in order for this to go down? I doubt it since we are talking about a large ammount of ammo downrange and i wouldnt want that liability on my land much less someone elses
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