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Cleaning after sizing?

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Since the (9mm) brass is lubed for the sizing die, when/how do you clean off the lube?

It could be re-tumbled before priming? or Individually wiped after being loaded?

Or is necessary to clean it? :thinking:

As someone suggested, I spray on a mixture of lube/alcohol, so after sizing they are only slightly tacky feeling.

Thanks for any suggestions. :thanks:
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Steel dies may require a little lube -- Carbide does NOT .. however, the cases should be somewhat clean before running them through the carbide die ... tumble and then size ... I have NEVER use a spot of lube on pistol cases ... even 44mag and 500S&W ..
ezgo said:

yes, they are old, RCBS TC

I tried without lube, didn't work.
With lube, did good.
TC usually stands for tungstun carbide ... I have had TC dies actually wear down; especially when used with dirty brass for a long period. I would suggest a new set of dies (or just a new sizing die) and your problem will be solved ...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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