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cleaning brass

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I have not tried this but it sounds reasonable. A friend of mine at a local shoot mentioned that when his brass is extremely dirty, such as stuck on mud or sand, he uses rice in his tumbler. Cheap enough to use more than once. I thought it was worth passing on to all the reloaders on the forum. Anyone ever use this method?
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I have used rice a few times. It works ok. But nothing like corn cob media with a lil flitz added.
I do a bunch of loading for Confederate Ordnance's machine guns and if the brass is nice and clean it doesnt take much lube at all to run it thru the small base sizing die easy.
And alot of our shooting is around sand and dirt. So the brass is nasty when its picked up.

For my 6.8 i only load a hand full at a time just testing diff loads and such, i use some fine steel wool to remove anything on the case and them a paper towel to clean it, then trim it. All that is done in the Zip trim so it doesnt take long at all.
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