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CMP 800 Aggregate match Saturday 10/5/2019 sign up thread

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Please join us for a CMP 800 Aggregate match at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club near Byram on 10/5. Course of fire shown below (reduced targets used for the 300 and 600 stage distances). This is just the one relay but it is 80 record shots. Bring 88 rounds to cover sighters. Each stage will start in position. We may drop the sighters in the later stages if no one needs them.

We'll plan to have rounds downrange at 8:00 a.m. sharp, so please be there by 7:40 to do paperwork and get gear to the line. Any that can make it sooner and help set up are always appreciated as well. The gate is open at 7:00. $10 match fee. Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions. First timers welcome of course (contact me about affidavit requirement). Do not bring rifles to the line until instructed to do so. Chamber flags required. If you don't have one, see me when you arrive.

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I'd like to see you do 80 with a Garand. I did 120 with one...once.

I will be taking the easy route with an AR.
That's how I started HP. M1 ain't bad for 80.
Now I did a CMP vintage bolt match in Bogue Chitto (SWGC) with a Finn M39 on a 50rd COF.
The upper right side of my body was blue & black for about 10 days...
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Against my better judgment(due to heat), I plan on being there. Stew, I'll finally bring the Schwedische Kammerpatronen.
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That's what heart meds do to you. I just look at myself and I bruise.
Oh this was long before they cracked my chest open.
But I know what you mean. When I first got home post-op I was on 4 blood thinners if you count the baby aspirin. If I looked at a knife I started bleeding. Had a blood sample taken & the tech put on a cotton ball & a bandaid. I left and drove to the nearby WalMart. Got to checkout and noticed I was dripping blood everywhere. Fortunately I was close enough to the school that I could get the athletic trainer, an EMT, to patch me up.
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