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CMP Kimber 22 Accuracy

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OK some of you that have purchased a Kimber, let's hear about how accurate they are at 100 yds. I need some input before I purchase one. If they are not as accurate as a Savage out-of-the-box, then I might need to try to find me a Savage or Winchester.
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Don’t know too much about 22 target rifles except some of them cost way too much for my budget. I got the Kimber 82G because it once belonged to the Army! Prior to that I had purchased several USN 22 trainers (Mossberg M44s) and enjoyed them. I have no experience with anything else in the 22 target line. Here is an article regarding the development of the Kimber 82G that may be of interest regarding accuracy, etc.


We shot the Kimbers the first time earlier this month in competition. X-Ring shot a 576/ 19X with his out of a possible 600. Shooting at 100yrds in prone with front and rear rest – outside in the wind! The 10-ring is 1inch with the X ring about half that size. I didn’t do as well but I was happy with my 547 / 6X being it was my first time and using a crappy front rest. I shot it today at Magnolia playing with some different type ammo. I did shoot a 20rd group for record (200 possible) using some Wolf Target Match ammo – recorded a 194 / 5X – the wind was mostly CALM around 4:30 this afternoon. I WAS PLEASED!! Hope I can do that well next time when we shoot! I know that the gun can shoot a lot better than I can hold it steady on that 1” 10-Ring.

I have heard great things about the Savage and actually watched a guy shoot a Mark II-BTVS at the range the other day … he was cutting the X out of the target at 50yrds … and I was impressed. He, too, was using Wolf Target Match ammo. In watching him shoot it, I probably would not hesitate buying one if that was my interest. Again, I purchased the 82G because it once belonged to the Army and that is my primary interest.
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