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CMP Kimber 22 Accuracy

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OK some of you that have purchased a Kimber, let's hear about how accurate they are at 100 yds. I need some input before I purchase one. If they are not as accurate as a Savage out-of-the-box, then I might need to try to find me a Savage or Winchester.
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I also own a Kimber 82G like Captain.

Like most of my guns...it shoots way better than I do

Mine needs some more trigger adjustment.

Is it the best out there?...why probably not!....For a $400 practice rifle its pretty hard to beat...its a down right steal...plus they have an interesting history behind em...and they are beautiful rifles...nice walnut stocks....eye candy....
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I'd put it in the "price-performer" category...

A fine walnut stocked target rifle with front and rear interchangeable app. sights, from a good ole American "pork barrel" project from Oregon....

I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet that the next "winner" at the our 22 F class match will be shootin a Kimber 82

I'm just saying...

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