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Was posted on the CMP site today ...
Over the past ten years the Army has transferred to the CMP all depot stocks of Krags, M1917s, M1903, and M1903A3 rifles. In addition, a large quantity of M1903s were returned from overseas and also transferred to the CMP. There are no longer any of these model rifles on loan overseas or in Army inventory, other than what they reserved for museum use. For the past few years, the only source of these rifles was/is from veterans organizations (VFW, AL, AMVETS, MCL, etc) as they either shut their chapters or as they upgrade the worn out rifles to M1 Garands.

For all practical purposes, the CMP sold out of these rifles in 2009, but has accumulated a few more that we will begin inspecting and offering for sale sometime in 2011 – one model at a time. We have approximately 600 M1917s, 100 Krags, 400 M1903 and 400 M1903A3 models. At this time we cannot predict how many will pass inspection as complete rifles and how many will be just barreled receivers. Until we complete inspecting each and every one of these rifles and know what we have, we will not be able to set prices or take orders (or pre-orders) or establish a waiting list.

As with our smallbore rifles, once all of the above listed models are sold, that will basically end CMP sales of surplus bolt action rifles, except for the trickle – which we will probably just auction by then.

This post is provided as an answer to the numerous questions we receive about the availability of these models.

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A lottery ticket probably gives you better odds. Their computer may permanently crash from this one.
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