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COLT 1911...why is it that you cant own just one?

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I currently down to only three and am always looking for more. Who else has this problem? Is there a cure--

Current ones.
Series 70 Govt. 45
LTW Commander 45
Series 80 GCNM 45
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my GCNM is all standard no changes almost nib.
my Ser70 has just had novak extreme duty sights put on (it will be going back to Tim Thompson at Bill"s Custom Automatics for a full house custom when Tim finishes my rifle build.. I will have to replenish the gun fund after that but oh it will be worth it. My Commander is at Tim's now getting a set of the novaks put on it... i really like them.

I just hope my wife never figures out what i spend on guns after the initial purchase of them :shock:
:affraid: i just noticed the sign in name "Mrs Hammer" .....if you by any chance know my wife please dont tell her about my gun addiction...my life may be in your hands :pale:
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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