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COLT 1911...why is it that you cant own just one?

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I currently down to only three and am always looking for more. Who else has this problem? Is there a cure--

Current ones.
Series 70 Govt. 45
LTW Commander 45
Series 80 GCNM 45
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No Colt.....yet.
Some of yall look into the Chiappa 1911-22 its a great little gun. I love it I got it for Christmas.
I am wavering between a 1911 or a Sig 226 40. I had a 226 and my best friend finally wore me down so I sold it to him for about half what I should have. With the new year approaching I have to buy a new gun and have been thinking one of those two.

If I go with another 1911, I have a Combat Commander, should I go with Colt or....? I like Stainless or coated hanguns. Concealed carry during the summer in South MS sometimes has adverse effects on blue finishes.

Tough decision, but one I have to make. Too bad I can't afford both.
I have a 1943 Colt, Springfield Mil-Spec and a Kimber

Colt has always been my favorite to shoot

I have a Glock 36 slimline that I carry....

That said a Commander Sized 1911 is very concealable....

If you want tough coating...Get Birdsong in Florence, MS to coat it in Black or Green T....
I just have 1 (SA LW Loaded full size .45...of course)
I have a list of guns that I want...kind of as staples to the collection (long gun,scatter gun.plinking rifle/pistol and carry weapon).Then I have my list of 1911s that I want...
Buying, selling & trading guns has been a great hobby. I have owned so many different 1911s that I could not possibly count them. I have been selling off a lot of my gun collection in the last few months since I retired. The only ones I really miss are the 1911s. I think that I am experiencing 1911 Withdrawal Symptons. I have a half dozen 1911s & a half dozen non-1911s. I figure I can sell or trade the non-1911s and replace them with 1911s. That should ease the pain for awhile.
Got a RIA 1911 in my drawer by the bed . All other pistols are put up.Don't know what that means guess if I had a SHTF situation I want my 1911, don't have night sights on it but I can point it from the hip and hit center mass every time
you know, I researched buying my first firearm for over a year and kept in mind that it may well be the only firearm I ever own (God forbid) and I ended up with a 1911...kind of says something
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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