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Combat Armory G19 Gen3 frame build

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Well I just couldn’t help myself. We were talking Glocks earlier today and just pulled the trigger on another frame.

Looking for suggestions for LPK and extra do-dads.

Also if someone has a no frills 19 slide they would part with cheap hit me up.

I’m thinking I’ll set one up with low sights and chop it down to 26 frame height.
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I’ve gotten to where I just part it out to begin with. Instead of ordering a kit and replacing stuff. This is a good kit for good price.

Glock Compatible Lower Parts Kit - LPK
I just order a Glock trigger housing and bar then ghost connector and trigger/hammer/plunger spring. Glock extended slide lever. Kinetitech trigger shoe. Then mag release and spring and slide release lever and spring. Then whatever pins you want, metal or plastic. NDZ steel recoil spring/rod. Cool thing is can find all that on eBay
I also run EBay special magwells with good results.
Ok I guess I just really need to understand what parts I need then try to break down what parts I want to upgrade.

Looking for suggestions on the mag release I like the extended release but I often find my mag free in the mag well with my normal carry setup. I pray Murphy doesn’t visit, and have begun checking it almost compulsively.

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Extended for comp and range guns. Standard for carry. Can get extended take down lever though. Comes in handy.
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