Comparison chart of pocket semi-auto handguns

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  1. Stryker6

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    I've heard a few of you guy's asking about Handguns that are good for pocket carry. Here's a chart that compares a lot of the handguns marketed for this type of carry. I Hope it helps some of you on your decision.
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  2. msredneck

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  3. PapaDawg

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    Thanks 'neck - have some friends looking for a pocket carry and this will help them decide (or at least make their decision tougher) :>) -

  4. dal205

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    6"-7" auto pistol comparison chart.

    I got up with Bobo, got his chart source, and made a comparison of 6"-7" autos when I was looking for my last pistol. My chart is located at

    You can compare guns in my chart to those in Bobo's as well. They're all on the same scale. I am working on revising my chart. I know there are a few errors in it, plus I've added a few more guns to it.

    BTW, I ended up with the G36. :cool:

  5. NRA_guy

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    Good link.

    I guess you all have seen the latest NRA Rifleman article comparing like 9 different .380s.

    None were very impressive. All but one had serious FTF issues. It's been discussed here in another thread.
  6. spyderhead

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    Why do you think it is that no company (of which I am aware) makes a truly dependable and effective "pocket gun"? The Kahr I had (one of the most expensive) and the KelTec PF9 (one of the most economical) were neither very accurate, dependable, or what I would consider trustworthy. I would trust neither of them if my life were on the line.
  7. sidroski

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    Goodpost. I like my Kahr CW40, no problems in firing or concealing.
  8. spyderhead

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    Perhaps that was my mistake: buying the Kahr in 9mm instead of in 40. I do know that there are people - friends of mine - who have and love their Kahrs.
  9. ezgo

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    Does anyone have a Glock 26, or have an opinion on it as a carry pistol?

  10. spyderhead

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    KelTec PF9

    Thought I would give the PF9 another shot. Glad I did! Between yesterday and now, I have put 300 rounds of PMC and WWB 9mm through the new pistol without a hitch. Perfect. Put 20 rounds of CorBon 115gr +p and 20 rounds of CorBon 115gr +p DPX (my carry choice) through it today without a single hiccup. VERY accurate. A perfect little pocket pistol. I guess the one I had such bad luck with before was a fluke. Highly recommend the KelTec PF9 for pocket carry.
  11. burninfilm

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    I have run perhaps a hundred rounds through my Kel-Tec P-32 with
    only one ftf and that was likely my fault (gun was full of lint and pocket dirt). The polymer grip unit did crack, but Kel-Tec sent a new one with one phone call. It isn't the ideal caliber, but when nothing else will fit, it will. I would rather have something than nothing, and there are times when a .45 is just too big and heavy.
  12. charlie2t

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    My personal choice

    I have tried several small pocket pistols in the past, but none of them quite suited me. I bought a Taurus ultralite revolver a couple of years ago, bobbed the hammer and added lazer grips. It rides in my right front pocket in an Uncle Mikes size 36 nylon clip holster(to break up the outline and keep out some pocket lint), loaded with Speer +p hollow points. It is virtually undetectable in loose fitting khakis and is light enough to carry all the time. Yes, I would rather have my .45 if the situation calls for a handgun, but sometime it is not convenient to carry a full size pistol and a revolver is much less likely to malfunction from pocket lint and grit than a small auto loader. The bottom line is get something that you are comfortable with and carry it all the time. A .22 in your pocket is better than a .45 at home in the safe.
  13. burninfilm

    burninfilm Distinguished Poster

    I agree with the revolver rationale and recommend them to all of my untrained friends who are looking for a first weapon
  14. EGB

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    Glock 26 or 27 are great. Had alot of problems with my Glock 27 at first. Couldnt get through a mag without a couple FTF's. Change out guide rod and went with a 19# recoil spring from wolff gunsprings cured the problem. Got over 2000rds through it now and love it.
  15. The XDs in 45 Auto will be worth adding to this chart when it is available.
  16. hitnmiss

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    I've carried the Keltec .380 in summer in a pocket holster. I works flawlessly so far, and I can hit with it at 20 ft. (Not my preferred .45 but will do the job if needed)
  17. VinnyVeee

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    I started off with a Glock 26 but I found that it was too wide and heavy for me to conceal well. Then I added a Taurus TCP .380 and it concealed like a dream. However, I found it uncomfortable to shoot and I wasn't very accurate with it. Finally, I found "The One" for me. It is a Kahr CM9, it conceals well and is large enough that is comfortable to shooot and is pretty accurate. I have shot a few hundred rounds through it so far (brass and steel cased) with no failures.
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  18. Harry Mann

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    Have Springfield XDs awaiting pickup. Will report back soon. Tests have been VERY GOOD so far. Can't wait to see how it feels after a couple boxes of cheap loads.
  19. Ecoats

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    I have a kahr cm9 and and I couldn't be happier with it.