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Comparison of all the big .338 calibers?

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I was wondering awhile back if any of the gun mags or anyone else has ever done a side-by-side comparison of the big .338's --- .338 Lapua, .338 Rem. Ultra Mag., .338-.378 Weatherby?

It seems like the Lapua gets all the attention (probably because it's type classified and standardized by the militaries of several different countries), but is it really that much better?

Just something I've been wondering for awhile.....

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338 Norma is the newest addition to the 338 family. Similar ballistics but I think it is a bit more efficient. Short and fatter compared to the lapua. Works on a regular LA and Norma brass is pretty high quality.

Lots of websites have threads on this stuff. Snipershide.com probably has a dozen or so.
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